OpenHab developer for hire

I am looking for someone who would be willing to write some bindings for me.

  1. connected car
  2. iPhone Locator
  3. IFTTT without using myopenhab
  4. HALO smoke detector

I am willing to pay whatever is fair for an hourly rate.

You would need to have OpenHab on a public IP for IFTTT to work.

Yes, I run OpenHab on a public IP so IFTTT should be able to reach it just fine without myopenhab.

If you acquire a trusted cert and configure openHAB to use that trusted cert instead of the self signed cert it ships with, the IFTTT Maker Channel should work just fine. Right now it doesn’t like it because IFTTT can’t verify the self signed cert.

That give you the what, not the how. :slight_smile: I’ve not looked into the “how” yet.

Good luck!