Openhab-distro and openhab2-addons version with zwave binding working

Hello everybody,

I just hope to have some help from anybody for openhab-distro and openhab2-addons version information with zwave binding working.

I post my zwave loading problem here,

In this link, chris response that “The Z-Wave binding is included in the OH distro and can be installed with PaperUI.”

However, for the OH distro mentioned, am I supposed to update my openhab-distro repo to release 2.0.0 beta 2?
which commit I should update my openhab2-addons repo accrodingly?

My openhab-distro is on,
commit 527e5f5e0a61808ba718d0779a61ff3cc5f6de0d
Merge: 5362617 a754a89
Author: Kai Kreuzer
Date: Tue Mar 8 21:59:31 2016 +0100

Merge pull request #152 from lolodomo/patch-1

Custom dynamic icons: default file required

My openhab2-addons is on,
commit 3442c0ccc1799a0e1c976af5610b26f951d7c171
Merge: 04a0994 db86b02
Author: Chris Jackson
Date: Wed Mar 9 22:59:28 2016 +0000

Merge pull request #719 from cdjackson/zwave-master

ZWave Updates

They both are installed by eclise installer automatically, Does that make any difference?
I notice that my lastest openhba-distro commit which is installed by eclipse installer automatically is later than that of openhab-distro release 2.0.0.beta2, is that a problem?

Thank you and any information will be greatly appreciated.