openHAB DM (A distributed multiuser setup)

Has anyone tried openHAB DM ?

I’d need a multiuser setup and this seems to do the job…

I’d like to get some info about it before I jump in, if anyone tried it already.

Does it do the job? Looks like a fork 6 months ago with no real commits.

Think you’ll get more from asking the DM maintainers and if you don’t get anything there then it kind of answers your own question.

I’ll try it when I’ll have a little time to play…

I found it searching for a multi-user option.

There is a paper published on IEEE… Available also on Sci-Hub.

I read the paper. After getting over their miss capitalization of openHAB (yes, it should always be a lowercase ‘o’) I was struggling to determine what exactly they added above the MQTT Event Bus. It turns out they did add some significant enhancements.

So my big question is why they chose to fork OH instead of contributing these changes back to openHAB. That is pretty much guaranteed to ensure their additions never go anywhere.

This looks like an academic project that was done to write a paper and then abandon unless unbeknowst to me, the authors have submitted issues and PRs to ESH and OH to get their additions added as part of the baseline. :frowning:

Personally, I wouldn’t use us if for no other reason that they are not contributing back to the OH community.

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Yeah, it sure looks like academic project, but the concept of (ab)using groups for user management seems useful.

Maybe it’s worth of contacting them about contributing and perhaps later merging the enhancements into openHAB?

I was surprised to find the paper, but nothing about it mentioned in this community…

has somebody installed openhab dm successfully? Can sombody explain how to install openHab dm on linux?

All I can say is good luck. It was an academic paper and as I mentioned above, they did not contribute anything they did back to the OH community. There have been no commits back to their original github for over two years meaning this is probably a 2.0 or 2.0 pre-release version of OH so it’s functionality will be pretty limited with lots of broken stuff, ignoring any errors they may have introduced.

To get this deployed you would have to clone the repo, build the package using Maven and then do a manual deploy (i.e. unzip into a given folder).

@rlkoshak thanks :slight_smile:
I will try it. I am new with openHAB.
Can you give more details?
How can i build openhab? With eclipse?
I have installed openhab manually ( . I have a zip file but there are no openhab-core, openhab-distro and smarthome folder.

Which repositories do i need to build openhab?

I strongly recommend against using this project then. Stick with stock OH. There will be no one who can help you and you will be using 2+ year old code.

Not really, I’ve never built OH myself but know it can be a challenge.

That is because those are the source code folders. OH gets built up into jar and kar files and config files and such.

If you are not a developer and you are new to OH I strongly recommend against this openHAB DM version. There will be no support from this forum or anywhere else. It’s too old and was basically abandoned by the developers as soon as their paper was published.

Edit: wrong link, I’ve corrected it.

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