OpenHAB does not start because of missing device on serial port (ttyACM1)

I get the following error message when I try to start OpenHAB. I once used two CC2531 as zigbee sticks, now I only have one plugged in. When I plug the other in, it starts again. I use zigbee2mqtt runnin in a docker container, so I do not really use the path. I have no clue what starts the error and how to permanently get rid of it (without putting the second stick in my computer.
Finally, not having the zigbee stick plugged in should also not result in OpenHAB not starting.

$ lxc start OpenHAB
Error: Failed to start device "ttyACM1": The required device path doesn't exist and the major and minor settings are not specified
Try `lxc info --show-log OpenHAB` for more info

What’s the output of this?

Maybe I am wrong but this looks like you passed through your USB Sticks to the LXC container? (I have the same setup)

If so and you removed one if the sticks, your USB mount point in proxmox would be not there anymore and you will need to remove the passthrough entry inside the LXC container’s config file (the same place you did add it to) as the tty…only exists if something is plugged in.

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simon@simon-itx:~$ lxc config device remove OpenHAB ttyACM1

solved the problem.

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