OpenHab does not update site


I’m trying to integrate my domotic system (Arduino and so on) with OpenHab 1.8.3 on a RaspberryPi (Raspbian Wheezy).

For testing, I have only a serial binding with Arduino (item String ArduinoMaster, see below) and an item switch for the lights (item Switch luci).
Well, when opened the website, everything went good, and so I can see on the site that the string item connected to the serial port updates without any problem.
If I use the switch item for the lights, lights turn on, but the string item connected to the serial port stops updating. So you can use more times the switch item, and lights turn on and off, but there is no way to get the string item connected to the serial port updated again on the website, unless you don’t reload the website again.
I checked all the logs, and it results that “ArduinoMaster state updated to (the right value)”, but on the site no change at all.

Here is item file:

String ArduinoMaster “Stringa Arduino Master: [%s]” {serial="/dev/ttyUSBArduMaster@19200"}
Switch luci “Luci Salone”


sitemap demoArd label=“Main Menu”
Frame label=“Demo” {
Text item=ArduinoMaster
Switch item=luci


rule "Switch on"
Item luci changed from OFF to ON
sendCommand(ArduinoMaster, “command to switch on lights”)

rule "Switch off"
Item luci changed from ON to OFF
sendCommand(ArduinoMaster, “command to switch off lights”)

Someone has got some advices for me? Thanks in advance.

Ok, with some more tests, I found the problem. My command toward Arduino on the serial port contained a form feed character ("/f"), and I don’t know why this is the problem.

My command on the serial port:

sendCommand(ArduinoMaster, “17SWC033ON\f\n”)

With this command, the updating of the site is not working anymore (I repeat, the item is updated, I can see this on the logs).

With this command:

sendCommand(ArduinoMaster, “17SWC033ON\n”)

everything works.

Someone knows what is the problem, or could it be considered a bug?