openHAB doesn’t run on PI1 very well

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 1 and Raspberry Pi 3 + Bitron Video ZigBee USB Funkstick Coordinator : ember + Osram Smart+ Plugs
    • OS: Openhabian 2.4.0-1
    • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk version “1.8.0_152”
    • openHAB version: 2.4
  • Issue of the topic:
    I was trying hard to make use of an old raspberry pi 1. The intention was to setup Openhabian and use a Zigbee usb stick. Openhabian got installed together with Zigbee binding. Also ember coordinator Zigbee stick was recognised. However, devices were not able to join the network reliably: only one Osram Smart+ plug was recognised at all. However, this plug was not switchable.

I got super frustrated and decided to swap my sd card into a raspberry pi 3. All problems disappeared - All devices got recognized and were switchable.

I want to share this experience with you to avoid loosing time.

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Thank you for excellent data point as a recent community discussion centered around minimum requirements for openHABian running on Pi

Are you a brand new user of openHAB? if so, were you led to believe the platform would run on a pi1?

Regardless, glad you got your set up running well and solved your problem
to draw a little more attention to the importance of your message, you may want to change the title to not emphasize zigbee as I believe that wasn’t the root of your problem, perhaps something more along the lines of…
openHAB doesn’t run on PI1 very well

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I have changed the title as requested. And yes I am a new user being on the platform for now 6 weeks. So far running on Pi 3 with lcn, onewire bindings. I was trying to extent to extent to zigbee plugs on same Pi 3. no success: as it looks onewire and zigbee coordinator are not compatible- Interfering on serial interface . I didn‘t investigate further but went out for Pi 1 lying around. I installed openhabian on it . This was painfully slow but I thought still manageable.

The finding I made down the road with my Pi 1 is described in my post. And yes I think it should be a clear warning not to use openhabian on Pi 1.

Thanks Tim and welcome to openHAB!

I’d like to note that the RPi0 has basically the same specifications as an RPi1. The warning should also extend to them as well.

I too was hoping to run openHAB on my old Pi B+ and I’m gathering information.

The readme advises at least a Pi 2 but doesn’t clearly stipulate it won’t work at all with an older model.

I’d like to complain that OH won’t run on my abacus.
There should be a clear warning that advises users not to try to get this setup running.