Openhab dont start automatically and mqtt dont work behind reboot

Hi, I have a problem than i dont know how to solved.
I have a virtual machine with centos and openhab 2.4
When i do

sudo systemctl stop openhab2

All stoped. If i do start command the web interface dont start, i think anything start because on logs i cant se anything new

I previusly try to maked work a wifi led strip and amazon dush button. when i rebooted the system i had that problem, and the mqtt did’nt worked too.

I checked /var/lib/openhab…/mqtt.config and /etc/openhab2/services/mqtt.cfg and have the same configuration.

To do the openhab start i need do ./start on /opt/openhab/current/ but if i reboot openhab dont start automatically but after the amazon dush button and wifi led i havent got any problem. I dont know what can i do. I am very noob hear xD

Please, if openHAB was installed through apt (apt-get) or openhabian script, never start openHAB using the manual start, but only with the systemd start

sudo systemctl start openhab2.service

To get autostart, just enable autostart:

sudo systemctl enable openhab2.service

Ah. just reread your posting… are you sure centos is using systemd at all?
How did you setup openHAB? is there a yum packet?

I followed that tutorial:

Setting up openHAB2 from scratch.

Ok i Solved my problem with mqtt… yesterday i had a panic attack when i wrote here xD. The problem is than i havent got an autorun od mqtt service xD.

And how i can see on your answers i have a openhab2.service of a previus failed instalation of openhab2 and in the other hands i have a working instalacion with ./start . How can i do with that ./start autostart openhabe?? i am a noob in centos OS. I know the normal use of linux but not to create a daemon for autoload.

Sorry for my english !! An thank you very much