OpenHab download version confusion

I am trying to download Openhab for RaspberryPi3. page mentions latest version as 2.4.0 and also mentions a Milestone version of 2.5.0.M1. There is a link right below that which takes you to the download Github page.

But, Github page mentions Version as Openhabian 1.4.1. How do I know which version in Github corresponds to OpenHab 2.4.0 and which version corresponds to Openhab 2.5.0.M1?

There are several ways to install openHAB on a Raspberry,

  • manual through zip file
  • using apt (first you have to configure the repository)
  • using openHABian in “manual” version (i.e. only install the script itself, without a complete image)
  • using openHABian as a complete image (recommended way)

openHABian is a text based Install-helper, you will get a menu to update, upgrade, install, switch version and so on, additional software (like knxd, mosquitto…)
openHABian is currently version 1.4.1, you will be able to install openHAB2.4, 2.5.0 M1 or 2.5.0 nightly (#1557 for today)
In fact, openHABian does the install process the apt way by creating the repository link. But it’s nice to have all the additional stuff, like setup samba, setting correct user and permissions, frontail by default…

I am keen on using openHABian as a complete image (recommended way). So in this case how to install 2.5.0M1? Is there a image for that?

No, you simply download the openhabian image for raspberry, install it on your sd card via etcher or something similar, start your raspberry from the sdcard, wait approximately 45 Minutes, then start openhabian-config and chose 40 openHAB related -> 41 testing -> Execute