OpenHab & DSC Security System

Hello guys,
I want to install a DCS anti-intrusion system in my home but I don’t understand which hardware configuration I need to buy.

At the moment I have in every door and in every window of my apartment, the magnet sensor already installed and wired ( but not connected)
I have also 2 wired point for PIR detection inside home in 2 strategic points.

Which kind of hardware I need?

Could some-one help me to better investigate the argument ??

Can I choose some other brand and integrate it into openhab?

Thank you

Hello @Muplex,

If you are wanting to go with DSC then I would recommend the PowerSeries PC1832 at shown here. With the bare bones DSC PC1832 panel board you will be able to connect your wired devices right away (up to 8 zones I believe). You will also need a keypad, which is separate. If you want to expand to wireless devices you will need to purchase additional hardware. Also, to use wireless with the DSC panels you will only be able to use DSC devices.

The best way to connect it to openHAB is to use the Eyes-on Envisalink Ethernet interface which connects directly to your DSC panel board. This can be seen here. An alternative way is to use the DSC IT100 RS-232 serial interface as seen here. Both of these devices are supported by the DSC binding.

Hope this helps,


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Hello @rsstephens,

thank you for reply me.

one more question;
Because all my doors and windows are wired with magnet sensors I think I will need also the PC5108 madule, who give 8 extra wired zones.

Are generic magnet sensors switable for DCS system?

If you plan to have more than 8 hardwired zones then you will need the PC5108 for more hardwired zone capacity. One thing to note about hardwired sensors is that they can be wired in series to a single zone, thus saving zone capacity on your panel. This is not the case with wireless sensors which require a separate zone per device.

I believe most hardwired sensors will work with the DSC system. They are all pretty much the same thing (an inline switch), creating either an open or closed circuit. Hope this helps.

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