Openhab "Extender/Repaeter"

Hi there I´m new to openhub and switching from fehm to this System.

I have one question in advance befor setting up the raspberry pi with openhab.

Is there an addon like in fhem to use more than one opnehab system (e.g. like fhem2fhem for fhem where you can use another fhem as an range extender?)

because i have to setup openhub in the ground floor and the range doesent fit for the secound floor. I will use FS20, FHT and Homematic products.

Thank you for your help.

Greetings Elluminatus

@Elluminatus You could use MQTT persistence service to update state across multiple openhab instances. Here I am using nodered and MQTT to connect openhab with fhem and some other systems I have here.

The closest thing is probably the MQTT Event Bus. All events from all OH instances get published on this MQTT bus. It takes some work though to set up Items in both instances to avoid update loops but it can be done.

The most successful implementations I’ve seen have on OH instance be the “master” and the others be “slave”. The slaves just react to commands and publish updates. The master is where the main rules, persistence, et al reside.