openHAB Firefox addon

I recently came across this Thread, discovering a openHAB chrome extension to control your sitemap.

With the latest release of Firefox, i switched back to Team Firefox again and missed being able to control my openhab within my browser.

So i ported the Chrome extension to Firefox. Mozilla recently implemented WebExtensions into Firefox, which makes most addons from Chrome compatible.

If you want to install the addon you can find it here:

Source code is also available at:

Please bear in mind that this is the first release of the addon, should there be any inconsistencies, just open an issue at the github repo.

Edit: For further configuration after the installation, navigate to about:addons -> options


Nice! Works fine here!

It’s feels quite big though. Not the size of the popup but the fonts used. But I guess it simply shows basicui as it is?

Also, where do I put username and password? I’m at home now (going directly towards 8080 on my server) but when I’m at work I go through a proxy which needs username and password, would be nice if that works too :slight_smile:

Iam afraid that its currently not possible to add proxied sitemaps since the addon relies on the access token for remote connections.
Nevertheless its a good idea to support this. Iam going to look into this and maybe add it in a future release.

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Same here, back to FF.
Addon works out of the box, thanks a lot!


I just uploaded a new version of the addon. I´ve completely rewritten the way options get saved.
Allowing me to implement Firefox-Sync to all option parameters.

That means, if you use Firefox-Sync, all your settings are automatically shared between devices that run Firefox.

I also removed the wonky settings page. All settings are now adjustable at the “about:addons” page or can be reached by right clicking the addons icon and clicking “options”.

If you receive the update you´ll have to set your options again!

Should there be any inconsistencies, please let me know and i will try my best to resolve the issue.


Works as described, thanks a lot!

Hey, @LLeifermann! You still around?

I still have this addon installed in my Firefox (which is of course my browser of choice) and I just noticed that it doesn’t work anymore, I just get a white box. Actually I’m not sure, but a guess would be it has with the upgrade to openHAB 3.0 to do. Any chance of you looking at it?


i haven‘t looked into porting the addon for Openhab 3.0 yet. Looking at the code now it might be easier to completly rewrite the Addon if i think about it.

Let me look into Openhab 3.0 a bit and i will let you know how we proceed here.


I upgraded my openHAB to 3.0 yesterday and the addon still works as expected. I still remember that the configuration is a bit whacky. Have u tried uninstalling the addon und reconfiguring it from the ground up?

I feel a bit stupid now. I looked in the settings for the addon and realized that I never changed the url since I moved my OH installation to a new server some months ago. So yes, everything actually works like a charm if the settings are correct :stuck_out_tongue:

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