openHAB for Kodi

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(T) #41

Just started using KODI v17.6
Since i’m still on OH 1.8.3 could anyone recommend or provide a plugin that would work with my versions?

(Joachim Boeddeker) #42

I removed all Chart & Colorpicker from my sitemap and got the addon working.

(mampfes) #43

Thanks for the info. I will check the 2 items soon.

(oliviercommelarbre) #44

Hi @mampfes, i’d become a fan of your addon on kodi but just upgraded to Leia (Kodi v18.0) and it does not work any longer. It was working great on the last Krypton (Kodi V17.6).
the error logged says “Failed to install add-on from zip file - The dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.12.0 could not be satisfied”. It would be great if you could revive it

(marcel_erkel) #45

You can try updating the ~/.kodi/addons/script.module.openhab/addon.xml file (this is on Linux, I don’t know the location of the addons directory on other OSes).

Update line 5 from:

<import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.12.0"/>


<import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.14.0"/>

(oliviercommelarbre) #46

Dear @marcel_erkel, this did the trick, thank you very very much!
for info on OSX the equivalent of ~/.kodi is ~/Library/Application Support/Kodi