openHAB for tvOS

Hi all,

last week Apple announced a new Apple TV coming end of October including a new operating system called tvOS which allows for native apps running on the Apple TV.

Did anybody already think about creating an openHAB app for tvOS? There might be some cool use-cases to control a home automation with anything connected to the TV.

I put this question in the iOS section, because I think it might be possible to reuse a lot of source code of the openHAB iOS app when creating an app for tvOS.



I will be looking into it soon, just don’t have enough time right now to go deep into tvOS. I personally would love to see if it is possible to deliver notifications to Apple TV through that.

Okay, cool.

I think it would also be interesting to know whether an app is able to see the status of currently displayed content (e.g. playing, paused, maybe meta information). This would allow for an Apple TV binding like we have for Plex and similar.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to let me know.
I’m a registered Apple developer as well.


It would be great if you explore tvOS APIs and have a look on what features can be potentially integrated with openHAB. Notifications can be done through my.openHAB I think.

This could be great! Can’t support with coding, only with beta testing if needed

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Hi @belovictor! iOS developer here and OpenHab user. I’d be happy to lend a hand! I’ll start familiarizing myself with the openhab/openhab.ios project!

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I started looking into it and have some code I started in my opinion there is really nothing in the current iOS app that could be leveraged.

I actually don’t think getting something basic would take much time at all. If there is momentum I am happy to help. If no momentum / leadership my maintainers I will create separate repository.

Did you ever get anything basic going for tvOS?

Anyone? I’m also interested…

BUMP Also a developer and also interested, maybe something like HabPanel can be turned into a tvOS app?

I doubt belovictor has continued to look into this. He hasn’t been seen here for a long time…so don’t count on him!