OpenHab forgets Bindings - Bug?

Hello, before I open a bug at GitHub, I wanted to get smart here.
I have been installing OpenHAB 2 on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ for almost 10 months.
I have set up everything via Paper UI and a HABPanel.
So far everything went well.
Now it happens that the RPi completely forgets the bindings.

All things are deleted and displayed in the inbox.
This happens completely arbitrarily.
The channels, configuration of the HABPanel or other settings remain unchanged.

Unfortunately, this happens in the background and sometimes even gets this only when the buttons in the HabPanel no longer work.

Unfortunately I didn’t save a log :S
I have set up the whole now 2x again and again he has forgotten everything.
It can be it works 2 weeks well, but it can also be, he forgets everything after 2 days.

The SD card is not defective. I already checked that.

Does anyone know the behavior?
Is it really a bug at the moment?
How can I easily save all the configs if you don’t want to deal with code?

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Welcome to the openHAB Community :heart:

Jeez, you took quite long to install openHAB, maybe we should improve our setup process :wink: (jokes beside)

openHAB 2.X? A current version would be helpful :slight_smile:
Did you do a manual install or did you use openHABian?

So all Bindings get uninstalled? Or just Devices re-appear in the Inbox?

So if I get you right, the config form PaperUI is gone?
So PaperUI>configuration>things is empty again?
Whats with the items?

PaperUI Setting like Bindings, Things, Channels, Items and HABPanel as a User Interface? right?

The Chrome browser is notorious for cache issues. Delete your Chrome cache and missing UI items may appear. This is a common issue after upgrading many web based programs.

That was happening to me on 2.4 as well especially with MQTT bindings configured via paperUI.
Since I’ve completely abandoned paperUI and using files instead it’s all OK

But then I’ve switched to 2.5 and havent had any issues even with paperUI configured stuff on my test machine


yes, now running M3

this is a VERY important question - please version of OpenHAB

??? completely arbitrarily?
You didn’t restart, no power outage, running instance just no other changes… forgets all the bindings?
Do you have anything in your addons.cfg file (if you don’t know which file I’m talking about the you probably don’t)
How much do you trust the power supply for your Pi? Is it high quality?
And… as Elias said… Welcome to the OpenHAB community!

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I know this but it is not a known bug.
Haven’t seen lately (in current SW versions). What version do you run?

When it happens check if /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json is still there and read/writeable for the openhab user.
If it’s gone or empty, there’s backups in the backup directory. Stop OH, restore the file and restart.

openhab-cli backup <destfile>