openHAB freelancer or subcontractor


I have several small projects and proof of concepts to do with openHAB, i know how to work with openHAB but there is no time to do it.
Is there somebody here that wants to work on freelance base through a freelance web channel or if you are from Europe, as a direct subcontractor.

Edit: We are from Belgium.

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Hey, Still looking for help? What type of resources you looking for?
Feel free to contact me:

I would also be interested if this topic is still of interest!

I struggle with writing rules for my installer’s clients, as my main interest is in selling hardware.

Selling Velbus is now much easier when I package a pre-installed openHAB SBC.

I don’t “sell” openHAB, I just sell the SBC with openHAB installed, on the basis that either my installers or I will setup the Velbus hardware on it, it is then up to the client or installer to create the UI and any clever logic / interactions.

I’d love to have a team of people I could point my installers to for (paid) help with configuring openHAB, either with the UI or rules.

What kind of services are you gentlemen offering?

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UK importer of Velbus