Openhab freezing almost daily - where to start fault finding?


I’m sure there must be some info out there but I cannot find it at the minute and this is driving me up the wall.

I have 3 water pumps a solenoid and some tank level switches, with rules using cron to start/stop pumps to irrigate and fill the tanks when not irrigating. This had been working well until recent changes as a bore pump filling the tanks failed, now for some reason openhab freezes and cr#ps the bed. I then have to close karaf and reopen to get it to respond via the app on my phone which is only connected locally.

Can someone please point me in the direction of how to best fault find this??? I have had limited time to do anything on this as I have been working away and it is critical to our plant nursery that I sort this ASAP but its not the only failing project I have a the moment unfortunately.

I added some rules that were fired every minute which I thought must have been the issue but with all the new rules removed the issue remains. I guess there is a memory leak as it works correctly straight after a restart of karaf but by the next day it may well have faulted and nothing works because of it.

I am running openhab 3.3 with 3 shelly plus1 and 1 shelly uni, that’s it. All rules are created via the UI, (which I did read people have had trouble with with old versions of openhab)

Any help will be greatly appreciated, although with xmas nearly here I’m not sure how often i will get back to check for comments, so please be patient with me, everything is giving me grief at the same time unfortunately.

thanks for any time you can afford, cheers.

thanks for your suggestions for some reason I cannot reply to anything on this thread any longer. So I have stripped a lot of rules etc and will keep my fingers crossed, from the logs it appears as though a debounce timer I added was causing some havoc but time will tell.

can anyone point me in the direction of info regarding info on logs please.?


I would start. by enabling debug level logging
for your shelly devices. and maybe for the even the rules runtime.
This at least would give you something to look at right up to the point it freezes.
And perhaps see if you can get some stats on your device when it starts misbehaving CPU and Memory.
Is your pump failure due to Openhab freezing or just unlucky that you noticed this after replacing the pump?
I ask that with the possibility that perhaps one of your shelly devices got damaged by the pump failure and is now hanging up your Openhab and it is freezing waiting for a response from a damaged device after it is active for some time.
I also recall some mention a few weeks back on the forum about a bad firmware update for some shelly devices as another possibility. Although I do not recall it causing Openhab to freeze up…

how do you conclude, that openHAB “freezes”, please provide more information on that, as there’s plenty of room for “freezing”… and please also add more information to your machine.

PS: If you didn’t start the post on “Tutorials & Examples”, but in “Beginners” or somewhere else where it belonged content-wise, you would’ve get this template, please use it:

* Platform information:
  * Hardware: _CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage_
  * OS: _what OS is used and which version_
  * Java Runtime Environment: _which java platform is used and what version_
  * openHAB version:
* Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue
* Please post configurations (if applicable):
  * Items configuration related to the issue
  * Sitemap configuration related to the issue 
  * Rules code related to the issue
  * Services configuration related to the issue
* If logs where generated please post these here using code fences:
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