OpenHAB Grouping items without .items files

I use PaperUI/HabMin on 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT (#1650) on openhabian pi.

I want to use the out-of-the-box functionality for adding things and their items, so to speak simple mode. After creating the items I would like to group them. So I turn off simple mode and try to edit the group attribute for the items.

It does not allow me editing the group for an item neither in HabMin nor in PaperUI.

Should I report this as a bug or feature request?

On OpenHAB a Group is a type of Item. You need to make a Group item before you can place items into the group. Here is an example from my setup. I will show 2 nested Groups and one linked Item

I cannot update the item. It does not allow me to update as it does not go into edit mode. I cannot enter/click in the Parent Groups fill-in/dropdown.

Please note that the things and items were created using simple mode.

Try this