Openhab hardware support for Home Automation

I wanted to know which hardware like raspberry,arduino etc can be used with Openhab.I wanted to work on ESP 12F will it support it?

You can read this site:
There is all Hardware who can you use as your OH “Server”

as an example: I use a RPi connected via ethernet to my W-LAN router, as my OH Server and MQTT- Broker,
and several ESP 12F and 12E with MQTT software as switches and temperature meter.
Works perfect for me.

OH supports over 200 technologies and apis. Except for where you run OH (raspberry pi 2 or 3 will run it fine) the key thing to look for is how everything communicates. OH didn’t know or care about the difference between a an Arduino, esp, or some custom controller. What OH cares about is the network and API.