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I ordered a simple Koogeek Lightstrip which was easily integrated in Apples Homekit.

My plan was to use it for rules from OpenHab. But I think that the HomeKit Binding is just for the other way isn‘t it?

Is there a way to control the Homekit device from Openhab?


if it just exposes a switch to openhab, just use teh ["switchable’] homekit tag for openhab to send it’s details to homekit.

Have a look at the homekit binding documentation:

I don’t think that he has integrated this device to OH2. He has linked it to Homekit directly.

I think that the answer to his question is: No

LED -> Homekit -> OH2

From what I know: You won’t be able to use OH2 to control the LED “via” Homekit since OH2 does not know that device (and from what it seems, will not be able to know it since it does not allow a direct integration with http for example)

If he was able to link it to OH2, then he could expose it to Homekit and as a result, both systems could control it.

ahh right, I assumed if asking on OH, then it might have been looked at for a binding.

So the only options are:

  • write a binding
  • see if something like the http or tcp binding can talk to the device
  • See if someone has written an mqtt bridge that can be used, and openhab uses MQTT to talk to the bridge which controls the device.
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Ok - so from now it shouldn‘t work I think! And yes my target is to control the HomeKit LED from OH!

Thanks for the quick replies!

does the manual of this device describe any kind of API ? or any communication method other than linking this WiFi LED smart strip to the 3 commercial systems that it supports? (Homekit, Google, Alexa)

I didn’t find any related info on google for this product

No, there is nothing! Just this: