Openhab HomeKit Remotes

I just want to express my respect to all the developers working on this. One thing l came across after having HomeKit stable for roller shutter and dimmer and switch (I am a user not a developer) is the Integration of my denon avr via exec binding and Cec-client in combination with HomeKit. It works great. I can turn on and off the receiver with HomeKit. Thanks to everyone contributing to this I just used these and it works. I was wondering if I can also control the volume of my AVR. I ran across a „new“ type with HomeKit wich is remotes. It seems it has been introduced with version ios12. Some other project seem to be supporting this and I thought about how this could be done with openhab HomeKit binding.
I could not find anything about this category „Remote“ so I might be wrong with my assumptions.
Can somebody maybe point me to how to use this in openhab binding. Or is this planned for later or am I on a woodway?
Thank you so much in advance.


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thank you for your feedback.

remote are currently not supported and it is rather high development effort to add it. so, i would not expect to see it in openhab in the next months. but who knows, maybe myself or somebody else get bored over weekend :slight_smile:

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