Openhab - HomeMatic Binding stuck on "Initializing" with CCU2

Hi everyone,
I’m quite new to OpenHab, HomeMatic etc. but I got HomeMatic running with CCU2 and installed the HomeMatic Binding in the most current version. Unfortunately the binding is stuck on “Initializing” and doesn’t add my thermostats as new things. I’m running OpenHab on a headless Raspberry Pi.

What I already checked/did:

  • IP of HomeMatic is correct (Binding also recognizes it as CCU2 and show the correct serial number)
  • Configured the HomeMatic Firewall to “Full Access” for both XML-RPC API and Remote Homematic script API
  • Added the Raspberry Pi IP Adress to my HomeMatic Firewall (IP adresses for restricted access) - doesn’t change anything
  • Updated everything I have installed to the most current version on my Raspberry Pi

Does anyone have an idea what’s missing here?


Anyone having an idea here…?

Can you enable the trace for the Homematic binding, restart openHAB and post the openhab.log file with the log information.

In the Homematic firewall settings you also have to open some ports for openHAB. These are my settings:

Maybe this helps to figure out what’s going wrong.
BTW: what do mean with “most current version”? 2.4 or 2.5.?

Thank you very much for your reply. During the process of setting up the logging etc you suggested, it suddenly found my thermostats (showed up in the „Things“ area). I do not really know what helped here but they‘re working as expected now

Good to hear :slight_smile: