Openhab Homematic HM-LC-BI1PBU-FM Binding Problem


does anybody know, how to define the item for HM-LC-BI1PBU-FM on a openhab system?
I already have other homematic items successfully working on my openhab system, but i cant find a correct example for a
HM-LC-BI1PBU-FM item configuration.

i Need:

item expample (rollershutter)

sitemap example for this item to use (rollershutter)

i hope someone can help me.


here is my working config:

Rollershutter    Rollladen_Bad    "Bad [%d %%]"    <rollershutter>    (gRollladen)        { homematic="address=LEQXXXXXXX, channel=1, parameter=LEVEL" }

In my Sitemap is only the group:
Group item=gRollladen label="Rollläden" icon="rollershutter"

thank you, its working now :slightly_smiling: