OpenHab: How to add a controller to the UI and a node to the network?


So far I managed:

  • OpenHab is running on http://localhost:8080/
  • The sitemap “me” contains very little ccode:
    sitemap HAB label=“My openHAB”
    { Frame label= “Doors” icon= “door_switch” { Group item= doors label=“Doors” icon=“door_switch” } }
  • In openhab.cfg, the code was added:

My question is: What are the next steps in order to achieve:

  • the z-wave controller Aeon Stick gen5 to be active and displayed in the UI
  • to be able to add a node from the UI
  • the added node to be displayed in the UI

Your sitemap name should match the file. So if you have your sitemap in me.sitemap the first line of your sitemap should be sitemap me label="My openHAB".

Just to be clear, you are running OH 1.8, correct? There is no openhab.cfg for OH 2 any longer.

The controller does not get shown in the UI. You cannot bind the controller to an Item.

Add whatever Item you create following the instructions above to the doors group. Make sure you actually have a doors group defined in an Items file somewhere.