openHAB, Hue, and HomeKit lead to flaky behavior

Hi there,

I’m new to openHAB and I’ve just set two Hue lamps to try it out. When accessing the lamps throug the Hue app on my iPhone everything seems fine. When I turn the lamps on or off through the basic openHAB interface it works as well. Only when I access them through HomeKit (via openHAB) things start to get flaky. Adjusting the colors has a notable lag and it often stops on a different color than the last one I selected. At some point, the two lamps also drift apart so that they’re showing two different colors. When I controlled the lamps through HomeKit directly talking to the Hue bridge everything worked fine.

My setup:

  • RaspberryPi 2 running Raspbian and openHAB
  • openHAB 2 with Hue binding and HomeKit integration
  • Apple TV 4th generation acting as a HomeKit hub
  • A few current iOS devices
  • Current Hue bridge
  • A Hue lamp E14
  • A LivingColors lamp connected to the bridge as well

Has anyone here seen this behavior before? Thanks a lot!

I can confirm that, I have the same problems

I have the same issue. Anyone found the cause or a solution to this?

Using siri to control the lights seems fine but scenes are flaky (lights going to scene and reverting to original settings after, going on and then off again, etc.)

Unfortunately, I have no news so far. I postponed my openHAB setup for now and went back to using the native HomeKit integration.