Openhab Hue Emulation gone

after a deletion of Openhab2 Hue emulation in PaperUI it has gone forever. How can I reinstall the binding?

You did not give a lot of information to go on here, what version are you using, what system are you running OH on, do you try to install in PaperUI or in text files (this already assumes you are using OH2), etc, etc
If you still have the problem, maybe read this post and post again:

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Running 2.3.0 openhabian Image on raspberry pi 3b.
Hue binding was installed via paper ui. In Former openhab version and also in this version there was also a binding called openhabHueEmulation. These two have been installed at the same time. I think openhabHueEmulation is installed automatically. The Hue Binding still exists in paperui, openhabHueEmulation not. I only deleted a hue light in paperui and the binding was gone. Is it needed? Ecerything works quite okay, exept an osram lightify thing (garden Spot) which is installed via Hue Bridge.

Did you check in MISC not BINDINGS in PaperUI?

If I understand it correctly you have the Hue binding installed and are having all the functionality that you need. So, all is well I assume.
However, to answer your questions

  • openhab Hue Emulation still exists
  • it is not a binding per se and you can find it under systems integrations in the docs (or just search under add-ons) and as @jrb5665 said under MISC in the PaperUI
  • this emulation is used to make the whole HO2 system look like a Hue bridge; in most cases, this is done to integrate OH2 with Google Home, Alexa or similar.
  • to control Hue lights: use the Hue binding (as you are already doing); to make OH2 behave like a Hue bridge (only upstream; i.e., not for control of lamps, but OH2 will understand the same commands like a Hue bridge does): use the emulation
  • the doc link above will tell a little more
  • the Hue emulation is not installed automatically
  • your missing configuration for the Osram bulb is not connected to the issue here.

Thanks for your reply.
The point is, that it isn´t in PaperUi/Misc anymore…

That’s curious because I did an install of 2.3.0 on the weekend to prepare a test environment for when 2.4 is release and Hue Emulation is in PaperUI/Add-ons/MISC on the install I did. It was one of the first things I installed

My install however was not done on a PI, it was done in an LXD container on Ubuntu using the apt-get reporitories.

Hi all,
After updating to 2.5.0 Build 1525, the hue emulation stops working for me. Things i did already:
uninstall and reinstall the Addon, restart the openhab process multiple times, enable debug logging.
My OH instance is on default Port 8080. i can’t use 80 (at least i dont know how :wink: ) because there is an apache web server already running on that port.

I can’t even access the debug urls:

  1. http://my-openhab-ip/description.xml
  2. http://my-openhab-ip/api/testuser/lights?debug=true
    Did tried 80 and 8080 btw. same problem…

Just give me a 404 error:


Debug log:

2019-02-20 18:50:41.744 [WARN ] [.internal.element.HttpContextElement] - Registered http context [null] did not contain a valid http context id
2019-02-20 18:51:15.920 [INFO ] [.dashboard.internal.DashboardService] - Started Dashboard at
2019-02-20 18:51:15.926 [INFO ] [.dashboard.internal.DashboardService] - Started Dashboard at
2019-02-20 18:51:16.368 [DEBUG] [         ] - BundleEvent STARTING -
2019-02-20 18:51:16.370 [DEBUG] [         ] - BundleEvent STARTED -
2019-02-20 18:51:16.375 [DEBUG] [         ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {}={, service.bundleid=213, service.scope=singleton} -
2019-02-20 18:51:16.574 [DEBUG] [.io.hueemulation.internal.LightItems] - Added items: Technik - Licht, Hausnummer, Küche - LED Stripe Farbe, Galerie - Licht, Wohnen - TV Licht, Ankleide - Deckenlicht, Schlafen [%d %%], Garage - Licht, Wohnen - LED Stripe Farbe, HWR - Licht, Garderobe - Licht, Bad - Deckenlicht, Küche - LED Stripe, Rolllade Florentine, Büro [%d %%], Büro - Deckenlicht, Schlafen - Stehleuchte, Florentine - Deckenlicht, Schlafen - Licht Bett, Wohnen - LED Stripe, Rolllade Küche, Licht Fernsehen, Rolllade Essen, Essen - Tischlicht, Rolllade WC, Umlauf - Licht, Küche - Deckenlicht, Alle Rollladen, Essen - Stehleuchte, Büro - Oma Licht, Büro - Tischlicht, Küche -  Deckenlicht [%d %%], Essen - Schildies, Rolllade HWR, Küche - Kugelleuchte, Flur oben - Deko Licht, Flur oben - Deckenlicht, Haustür - Licht, Rolllade Ankleide, Florentine - Stehleuchte (SD5), Florentine - LaserPod (SD4), Rolllade Schlafen, Terrasse [%d %%], Unterstand - Licht, Bad  [%d %%], Wohnen - Kugel Licht, Wohnen - Stehleuchte, Gast - Licht, Bad - Spiegel, Terrasse - Licht, Rolllade Garderobe, Flur Gallerie, Garten - Licht, Werkbank - Licht, Licht Unten, Umlauf [%d %%], Haustür [%d %%], Schlafen - Deckenlicht, Rolllade Bad, Bad - Deko Licht, Flur EG - Licht, Gast - Licht, Rolllade Links Wohnen, Licht Esstisch, Rolllade Rechts Wohnen, Beleuchtung
2019-02-20 18:51:16.652 [DEBUG] [         ] - ServiceEvent REGISTERED - {}={, service.bundleid=213, service.scope=bundle, restrictToTagsWhiteLights=Lighting,Switchable,, service.config.label=Hue Emulation,, createNewUserOnEveryEndpoint=true, restrictToTagsSwitches=Switchable, restrictToTagsColorLights=ColorLighting, pairingTimeout=180, pairingEnabled=true, service.config.category=io, service.config.description.uri=io:hueemulation,} -
2019-02-20 18:51:17.316 [INFO ] [openhab.ui.paper.internal.PaperUIApp] - Started Paper UI at /paperui
2019-02-20 18:51:17.482 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - HTTP Refresh Service has been started

This all worked fine before i updated from 2.4.0 something to the current nightly release. Anybody else had this problem? Cant find useful infos - maybe i googled wrong :wink:

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The oh 2.5 snapshots are not stable, probably until end of February. The core has been restructured. Oh 2.5m1 should work, that’s what I’m using in production.

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Hey @David_Graeff! Thanks for the Quick response! ok, i will try the stable for now and hopefully not report back lol.

Hi @David_Graeff, should hue emulation work with the unstable 2.5 branch at the moment?

No idea. It should, I haven’t changed anything. But it’s still using the old buildsystem with no real dependency system in place and I can imagine that the http servlet can’t be resolved anymore.

I’m using an extended version of the hue emulation that is already migrated to the new buildsystem with scene, schedule and rule support which I’m going to publish sometime this week. There is an open pull request to follow the progress.


Ok. Many thanks. I will try this new version. The current 2.5 snapshot seems to have problems, or it is my system. The addon is active and configured but the url …/descriptions.html results in a 404 and i cant see anything at the logs…

I have the same problem in 2.5. Hueemulation is in installed status in paperui, but I get no logs in openhab.log (i.e Hueemulation started available at /api).
descriptions.xml results in a 404.

Yes, same here. I see that the addon was loaded but nothing else. Even with debug enabled. Lets wait for the new version…

Any updates on this?

Regards S

Please wait for the new hue emulation version to be available.

The problem is that openHAB core recently renamed “org.eclipse.smarthome” packages to “org.openhab”. And now the hue emulation service waits for a signal that will never be emitted.

I’m not going to accept intermediate fixes atm though as they would cause merge conflicts with the new version that is in the review process.

At the same time it is not yet clear how to merge it, as it is 8000 lines of code and cannot be easily reviewed by other maintainers.

A solution will be found, it just takes a bit of time. Remember: Snapshots are not guaranteed to work and openHab core as well as openHab addon maintainers may break the build temporarly if necessary.

Cheers, David


Any news if Hue emulation is working again with latest snapshots?

It should work

Tried snapshot #1603 on Windows 10 today. Get the following error in the Karaf console directly after start of openHAB:

“Exception in thread “HueEmulation UPNP Server” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: IPv6 socket cannot join IPv4 multicast group.”

Regards, Willi