openHAB(ian) and Internet

On a somewhat related note from an issue I filed, An Internet connection is required for openHABian and the documentation will be updated to state that.

To be fair, the Internet connection is only needed for setup and maintenance (updates/upgrades).

Any time you want to add a binding. Linux users now can install the addons package but that option is not available in the openHABian menu system.

Well, yes, but you can simply install the addons package via apt, right?

That sort of defeats the newbie friendly purpose of openHABian, especially when the stated vision of openHAB specifically says an Internet connection should not be needed.

everything works nicely within the intranet and does not even require an Internet connection. We therefore also like to call it the “Intranet of Things”.


Bruce, this is nit-picking, and it’s not right.
You do NOT need live Internet, but of course you need to get updates, new bindings etc from the Internet in one way or another. That’s banal and everybody knows.
And if you want it the simple way because you don’t know how to manually get and install stuff because you are a novice user, you need it.
That’s still compatible with the vision and other OH statements.

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