openHab in Raspberry PI4

I using Raspberry PI4 8Gb

Whats the SSH login credentials?

I tried do acess ip:8080 but doesn’t acess,

default password for default username openhabian is openhabian.
In case you changed username, password during the installation both may be different.

First make sure that you can login. Then provide more information. A not reachable host via port 8080 can have multiple reasons which require more feedback e…g. output of

systemctl status openhab

which by the way is a valid command on an OH3 instance and not OH2. The information you offered about your system / installation is a bit limited to provide better / more support.

Ip port 22 default

Un openhabia
Pw openhabian

@reinercz : Which operating system did you use when setting up your Pi? Is it openhabian as Wolfgang_S and denominator assume? I do not see you mentioning the OS.
If it is not openhabian rather than Raspberry Pi OS and you did not put a file named “ssh” onto the boot partition, you will not be able to log in using ssh in the beginning. In that case you need to attach keyboard and monitor, log in and change the configuration on the Pi itself locally.

Hi Guys, thanks for help me, so:

Wolfgang - systemctl status openhab, openhab service unknow

Denominator - thanks for Un and Pw

Stefan - I downloaded a Raspberry version IMG, I did write the image to your SD card using Etcher
but, didn’t work the acess by IP, SSH or anyway. Just works a terminal direct in Raspberry.

I think I will try again reinstallation

if openhab service is unknown you may try the same command but with the string openhab2 instead of openhab which would mean that OH2 is installed instead of OH3.