Openhab InfluxDB and Measurement


In influxdb, you can group “Series” in a single “Measurement”. By what a see, InfluxDB persistence create a single Measurement in the DB for each items. I would like to get all items of a single openhab Things, group in a single Measurement in iDB.

Is-it possible ?

Thank you,


Not any idea ? (or may be I haven’t post in the right section ?)

Thanks :slight_smile:

As far as I know this is not possible. At least with the “old” influxdb persistence addons from oh2.5. Haven’t look into influx on oh3 up to now.

ok, thank you. It will be a nice improvement :slight_smile:

I have the same “problem” with OH3, my solution at the moment is:
(It was so easy with mqtt.persistance - I miss it)

State Change -> Rule -> Mqtt -> NodeRed -> influxDB

  1. created a “Equipement” Group gMqttSender
  2. assigned “Parent Group” gMqttSender to the Items to be stored on change
  3. createed a Rule that checks Members of group gMqttSender on change and send it as json to MQTT (mosquito)
  4. Node Red listen to MQTT and transforms json to Object and to InfluxDB as lineProtocol, all to sensor data to same messurement
    (why node red, I probably want st send teh status change as well to & easy to transform messages)