openHAB + InfluxDB + Grafana on raspPI?


since I have problems with mySQL DB on my Mycloud device I am looking for an alternative to get persistence for my sensors. I found InfluxDB (together with grafana) very interesting.
My question now is can I run openHAB (openhabianpi), influxDB and Grafana parallel on the same raspPI?
My raspPI is 3B+ and has a SD card of 16GB. My thoughts are that the influxDB gets bigger and bigger by time and will cause any problems on the performance of the raspPI and openHAB.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful,

thanks a lot!

Easy answer: Yes. There even is an option in openHABian to install influxdb and grafana just with a few steps via openhabian-config

Unless your installation is really huge (maybe thousands of items and many many complex rules) performance shouldn’t be an issue. And if so in my opinion the bottleneck wouldn’t be influxdb but openHAB itself.

Nevertheless if you’re worried about the size of the influx database and you don’t need very old data in your database you can have a look on influx’ retention policy

Hi hannibal29,

thanks for your assessment, that helped me a lot!