openHAB install on Microsoft Windows Demo

Hi All,

My latest video just dropped! I have installed openHAB on everything else before, but many people have been asking me to do a demo setup on Microsoft Windows! If your interested, starting with a simple Java install to openHAB setup, installing the service and connecting via SSH to the console! Let me know what you think, and what you would like to see next!

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Great stuff man!

I like the step by step explanation that you give. It makes it so much easier to deploy openHAB on Windows :+1:


Thanks! Glad you like!

What do you think I should do next?

I think that the following topic will be “hot/popular” during the upcoming holiday period (when people will have more free time to play with OH and buy more Voice gadgets to control their devices):

Remote Control (with notifications in the mobile App) + Cloud Integrations (with focus on Voice control)

Basically, cover: openHAB Cloud Connector which will allow remote control and is the “gateway” (as a pre-requisite) to many other Cloud integrations (IFTTT, Google Home/Assistant, Alexa, etc, etc = select one integration and show-case it).

I don’t remember if you have covered this topic in one of your existing videos.
The documentation on these 2 topics is not the greatest and people can get lost.
Combining both topics in 1 video maybe hard, so you could do a series here :slight_smile:

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Great videos. Thanks for posting!

I’ve a couple of ideas.

How to setup and use Audio Sinks and the say and play Actions would be useful to many I think.

I’m starting to document the Next Gen Rules Engine. At some point once the docs mature a bit I think a video tutorial will be exceptionally useful.

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