Openhab install

I download openHABian hassle-free RPi image from openHABian hassle-free openHAB Setup
I do not connect to raspberry via ssh. To Raspberry needed connect monitor and keyboard for install ?

No. Write the image file to a sd card and start the Pi with the sd card.
To write the image to a sd card see the instructions for your operating system under paragrapgh
Writing an image to the SD card
at this link:

I write image to sd card and booting without monitor. He install openhab and ssh working.

Hello @insippo, I’m sorry but your question is a bit unclear.

Installing without a monitor is the expected / recommended way. You will have a few benefits when using SSH. Are you able to connect via SSH? Otherwise search for a “raspberry pi ssh” tutorial online to learn the basics you need.

What else do you need help with?

Sorry my english. With this question all is clear. Openhab installed and working. But what is next ? I want connect mysensors nodes.For first ja want connect dht22 and bathroom fan + pir for light.

Hello @insippo

After a while you should be able to connect to the OH Wbinterface (http://<yourrpiIP:8080).
You find some docs for the next steps here:

All this is working at the moment and i connect to openhab. I read these docs and try to go forward.