OpenHAB installation on Raspberry Pi-cannot access using Putty

Followed the installation instructions for openHAB 2, plugged in SD card, connected Ethernet, switched on power and waited an hour. At the end of that period the green light was blinking regularly. Now cannot access Raspberry Pi 3 Model B using Putty to see if it has been successful. What should I try next?

Which one? If you did a regular install of Raspbian Jessie, the default username is pi and the password is raspberry.

Edit: and for newer downloads don’t forget that ssh is disabled by default, see the docs:

2nd Edit: and if you did an openHABian install, I have no idea for username and password, but I’m pretty sure you will find that also in the docs:

Additon: did a quick look into the openHABian docs, username:password is also pi:raspberry

Thanks for your response sihui. I followed the openHabian install. This
involved modifying the SD card with an image. I’m not sure that worked
because the Pi doesn’t boot up now so Putty isn’t seeing it. There is no
Wifi connection from the Pi on my home network.

I think I should try and restore the Pi to its original state…

Hmmm, what connection do you use?

For openHABian, you will have to wait roundabout 45 minutes after install, that is the time needed to download everything. So there can’t be a SSH connection before this …

I found it useful to connect a monitor to the HDMI connector. You can then monitor progress and you know it’s finished when the login is displayed. You can then use putty.

You have to enable wi-fi separately after it’s installed using openhabian-config.

I used WiFi on a Windows laptop to download the openHABian image and write
it to the SD card. Then I put the SD card into the Pi and connected it to
the laptop using an Ethernet cable, as in the instructions. Then I waited
for over an hour for it to download the openHAB software…or did it? I
have no way of knowing! All I know is that the Pi will no longer boot up.

You connected the Pi to your Laptop? If you are using WiFi at home, I assume you have a (wifi) router? So you should connect the Pi with an Ethernet cable to your router.

Thanks. So the Pi WiFi itself will not be operative during the openHab download? I will do as you suggest…

Thanks Mikyh. I realise now that the Pi Wifi is not available during the OpenHAB installation! Be useful if the installation instructions mentioned that.

Hmmm, but it does:

Connect Ethernet, SD card and power to your Raspberry Pi

Otherwise it would have said:

Connect Ethernet or Wifi … :slight_smile:

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Yes, now I see it doesn’t say connect the internal WiFi to a router, nor does it say connect an Ethernet cable to a router! It would be helpful, given that this installation process is designed for dummies (like me), to make it explicit! But thanks for your patience - most appreciated. :grimacing: