OpenHAB Insteon Newbie needing help/examples

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi Zero W with 32G SD
    • OS: openhasbian

I am new to the openHAB world. I have openhasbian running on my Pi 0 with no issues AFAIK.
I have about a dozen Insteon switches and a hub that I am trying to control through a USB PLM.

I have no idea how/which files to create to add these devices to openHAB (I did install the binding).

I tried using insteon terminal to test, and I’ve had no luck. The PLM can hear signals but I have had no luck sending commands. Here is my items:

from console_commands import *
from keypad2487S import *
from thermostat2441TH import *
from modem2413U import *
from switch2477S import *
from dimmer2477D import *
from ledBulb2672 import *
from switch import *
from leaksensor import *

if you are using a hub, replace login and password below with your

hub login and password. Note: this is not the email address and password to

the insteon web site, but the login/password on the back of the hub

def connectToMyHub():
“”“connects to my insteon hub modem at pre-defined address”""
connectToHub(“insteonhub”, 25105, 1000, “MyHubLogin”, “MyHubPassword”)

#If you are using a legacy hub (pre-2014 hub)

def connectToMyLegacyHub():
“”“connects to my insteon hub modem at pre-defined address”""
connectToLegacyHub(“insteonhub”, 9761) # syntax is address, port (generally 9761)

def connectToMySerial():
“”“connects to my modem on pre-defined serial port”""



uncomment correct line, depending on if you have a PLM modem or a hub (or a legacy hub)

to automatically connect on startup. You will also have to change the info in the corresponding connectToMy…() function


Now define the devices you want to work with. For a list of

available devices, look at the source code in the “python” directory

Example device definitions

kp = Keypad2487S(“office_keypad”, “30.0d.9f”)

th = Thermostat2441TH(“kitchen_thermostat”, “32.f7.2c”)

modem = Modem2413U(“test_modem”, “23.9b.65”)

closetLight = Switch2477S(“closetLight”, “25.65.d6”)

dimmer = Dimmer2477D(“dining_room_dinner”, “20.ab.26”)

ledBulb = LEDBulb2672(“ledBulb”, “21.EB.DD”);

Modem = Modem2413U(“house_plm”, “48.f0.e7”)
Den = Switch(“denlight”, “36.0b.a9”)
HallLamps = Switch(“hall_lights”, “36.40.e9”)
LRLamp1 = Switch(“lrlamp1”, “36.42.19”)
LRLamp2 = Switch(“lrlamp2”, “2d.1d.81”)
Outdoor = Switch(“outdoor”, “37.e8.c5”)
Upstairs = Switch(“upstairs”, “35.1f.d6”)
PorchLight = LEDBulb2672(“porchlight”, “47.3f.6b”)
BathroomLeak = LeakSensor(“leaksensor”, “40.30.4e”)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Did you read the binding page:

It’s an openHAB 1 binding that just means you need to configure it through files as given in the binding documentation and not via PaperUI.

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Thanks. My problem turned out to be that I linked the PLM to the existing network, I needed to link the network to the PLM. I’m working on rules and scenes now!