OpenHAB Integration With another domotic system (Lamp status check)

Hi To all.

i’ll Try to explain my issue.

I want to improve my Comelit Simplehome domotic system with openHAB.

Simplehome is a closed system but i can switch on and off the lights and power outlet through the input of the modules.
The input act to output relay connected to the main power and at the load (lamp,outlet power). The load in my case is wired to NO connector of relay… so i have the NC connector free.

For example the switches that i have in the walls act in these input to switch on and off the lights.
The system allow me to set multiple input for a single output. So i can turn on and off my lights with different switches in different location of my house

my Idea is use the output (eg. GPIO or other) of my openHUB like normal Switch (or push Button). Is not important for the domotic system if the input switch is closed or open. My domotic system allow me to set the input mode astable or monostable or step to step. So i can set the better solution.

My issue is how to send the lamp status to openHAB in order to see the status on my apps and set rules.
I think i can wire the output of the relay with a circuit to transform the 220 AC in 5V and put it is some input of openHAB.
Thank you in advance