Openhab integration with custom project

Good morning everyone.
I currently have custom made security/smart home project on my raspberry pi and I would like to integrate openhab to it. Is it possible? I only need device scan and control or server side without any GUI. What would be my options here? Happy holidays.

I do it using MQTT, but if it’s just a single system you might be better off with the Rest API.

The link below is for the older V2 openHAB. openHAB 3 has just been released, but it doesn’t look like the Rest API docs have been moved over yet.

In openHAB 3 probably the main change is that it includes some form of authentication to access the Rest API, but otherwise I think it’s about the same.

@Confectrician: Anything we can do to get the Rest API documentation showing at

You did already the right thing.
I will bring them back.

We made a mistake on the attempt to remove the “Rest Docs” part where the openHAB 2 ui is explained.



Thank you. I will look into that. Do you still have openhab UI? Is there any way to use only server side?

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