OpenHab intergration with Electrolux fridges

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has done this? This particular fridge has WIFI connectivity allow monitor and adjustments of temps and switching on/off chill functions

More info here:

I dont own one, but im considering buying one as I need to replace my fridge. Being able to do this with OH2 would be a major selling point


Hi Kris

I’ve tried to find out something more about Electrolux Strategy / Initiative, but it’s difficult.
There is the following one:

So the question is - whit is behind the WIFI functionality?


Thanks Stefan, neither tell you alot do they!

But as far as I saw on the product page one would need to create an account somewhere, in order to use the functions
So I assume it would be another bridge type like binding as the one for BSH (Bosch Siemens) Home Connect.