Openhab IOS App 2.4.54 - Empty sitemap/list

Same issue like in IOS App version 2.4.39. I’m getting warning that says openHAB returned Empty sitemap list.
I’m using OH2.4.0.

I feel your pain. Had a wonderfully working app with a painstaking sitemap, until my phone auto updated the ios app last week to ver. 2.4.54. I’m also still on OH 2.4 and everything was working and still works excluding ios app. I opened an issue on github for the ios development with no response yet. I deleted the app, signed up for test flight, i can’t seem to find the issue, or find many like yourself having the same issues with the newest ios app version.

Temporary workaround I just found. If you don’t have Apple TestFlight app, download it and join openhab TestFlight. Then you can install older builds. I’ve tested all of the 2.4.54 builds and the only one that actually works is 2.4.54 build (1580410520). Let me know if you need help setting it up.

Thanks, that works, but it’s going to expire in 16 days.


They have released a new TestFlight ver 2.4.55 build (1580410526) that works with my OH ver 2.4.0-1 and iOS 16.1. On GitHub there were others who confirmed this new build worked with OH 2.3 as well. They had one more bug they were working on and said they would push an App Store update but I’m not sure how long that review process takes.

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