Openhab IOS App not available on Apple App Store

Since today, 3rd of November 2018 the openhab App is no longer available on the Apple App Store!
Does anybody know the reason?

Maybe @digitaldan knows?

Well this is a bummer, considering today, November 3rd, I have just discovered OpenHAB! :roll_eyes:

Yikes, our main developer account expired, I would renew that asap!

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Any updates on this issue? my ios app suddenly stopped connecting remotely? I can still connect remotely from my android phone and from a browser so I’m assuming this is related?

Same problem here, OpenHab APP is NOWHERE to be found in iTunes store.I just upgraded my wife’s phone and the app disappeared, now she cannot use a lot of devices in our home… I had to switch to the web interface.

If you had installed the openHAB app before, you should still be able to find it in your purchase history.

openHAB App is online again in the Apple App Store!
@digitaldan thanks a lot for the prompt support and this great app!:slightly_smiling_face::+1: