OpenHAB iOS sending notifications twice

I am using the iOS OpenHAB app (TestFlight Version) and ever since I’ve installed it any notification I receive from OpenHAB I receive twice. I have another iOS device running OpenHAB latest app store release and it doesn’t seem to be receiving the notifications twice. Am I suppose to change something to fix this in the new version of the app or is this a bug within the app?

I wonder if your device somehow got registered a second time with myopenhab. Check, and if it’s there twice then you can just delete one of the instances.


I looked in the devices list and it was registered twice, thank you!

No problem! Please mark post #2 as the solution.

Cheers bro! This was occurring on my device too, I recently started using the Testflight Versions - lo and behold - registered twice.

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If you use the Testflight Version your device will added a second time. You can delete the older device to solve the problem. Note: If you delete the newer device (Testflight) it will be added again automatically after some time.