OpenHAB is no longer talking to Phillips Hue Hub/Lights

Not sure if this should be here or under hardware. I have a three Phillips Hue bulbs and the corresponding hub. Two are normal white light bulbs and the other is a Hue colour bulb. I was working with the colour bulb and scripts for changing colours a few weeks ago. It seems now I do not have any communication between OpenHAB and the Phillips Hub.

I have reset OpenHAB (Was running without reset for 92 days) and the Phillips Hub. Still no communication. Anyone have an idea what caused this, and more importantly how to get control back.


OK found one issue. DHCP, got so used to just assigning devices from DHCP did not thing this one through enough. Now most devices like the Hue bulbs are connected together via ZigBee the hub has to have a static IP address.

Question is should ass devices that use IP be configured with a static IP address for OpenHAB? Or is it a case of, “You don’t need to, but it can not hurt”

Either way, I have set all the IP devices to static IP’s updated their IPs in OpenHAB. The hubs seems to be connected to OpenHAB. I can control the lights/switchs through the hubs themselves, but I still can not get OpenHAB to control them.

Any ideas where I should be going with this?