OpenHab is OFFLINE again? HELP?

Hey friends, i am getting trouble with and it totally drives me crazy. I have followed the steps in the website ( copied my UUID and secret, edited security option, created my myopenhab.persist file and change “persistence:default=rrd4j” to persistence:default= myopenhab . However the only thing I receive is just this annoying sentence when I log in to :// (I use the demo version of openhab 1.8.3 to test). Can anybody help me out? I’d be very very appreciate!!

Make you are using the very latest Oracle Java to have my.openHAB work.

I use this command java -version and I receive :
Is that ok?

No, update to the latest version (101 instead of 65). You may find additional help here:

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Thanks a lot!!! That solved everything!!