OpenHAB issue with HomeEasy socket


I’ve just started getting to grips with OpenHAB2 (OpenHabian on Raspberry Pi).

I have some existing HomeEasy kit, and am struggling to get even the simplest configuration working. I perhaps am missing something fundamental with OpenHAB, or my config is wrong.

The HomeEasy kit works. I have a wall switch and a mains socket, and if I pair them without OpenHAB, the wall switch successfully turns on/off the mains outlet.

I have an RFXCOM 433Mhx transceiver plugged into the Pi to receive inputs from switches and send outputs to devices.

So what I’m trying to do is this: get OpenHAB to receive input from the wall switch and for OpenHAB to send the on/off command to the mains socket, i.e I don’t want the switch/socket paired directly to each other.

So what have I got working:

  1. The RFXCOM transceiver is receiving commands, and is able to transmit them.

  2. In the items config file I have added the mains socket as an Item:

    Switch Socket { rfxcom=">345678.11:LIGHTING2.AC:Command" }

  3. In the Paper UI, when I pressed the wall switch, OpenHAB2 discovered a Thing: A LIGHTING2 Actuator (device 315502.11, subtype “AC”).

  4. This device “LIGHTING2-315502.11” appears in the Control section of the PAPER UI with a switch next to it, which does nothing.

  5. I used the “LIGHTING2-315502.11” device as a template to create my own Thing: a LIGHTING2 device that would send the on/off code to the socket (using address 345678 rather than the one the switch uses - 315502).

  6. In the PAPER UI, I linked the command channel of my virtual LIGHTING2 actuator to the mains socket.

  7. I put the socket into pairing mode, and in the OpenHAB PAPER UI Control section, I moved my virtual LIGHTING2 actuator to the ON position. The socket successfully paired.

  8. Now, moving the switch in the Control section on and off turns the socket on and off (and the lamp attached to it).

This feels like a start, but I can’t get past this:

If I go into HABMin, and select Home under sitemaps, there is an RFXCOM LIGHTING2 Actuator. If I click on this, I see my ‘Socket’ with an on/off switch next to it. The on/off switch does nothing. However, this does work in the iOS app.

I’d really like to use the wall switch to tell OpenHAB to tun on/off the socket as well, but nothing I’ve tried makes that work.

Any help advice on the specifics of how to get this working, or what I’ve got fundamentally wrong with OpenHAB would be very much appreciated. It feels like I’m nearly there, but am obviously missing something.