OpenHAB items “Not responding” in HomeKit when using HomeKit through cellular connection

I have OpenHAB 2.5.6 running on Raspberry Pi 4. Accessories are exposed to HomeKit using the HomeKit add-on. I can control my accessories fine in HomeKit as long as my iPhone is on the home WiFi. But as soon as I’m using cellular connection, the accessories go “not responding” in HomeKit.

I had similar setup on my previous Raspberry Pi 3 with OpenHAB 2.5.5, but never encountered that issue.

Anyone can tell me what I can do about this ?


Hi Mikael,

What do you use as a Home Hub to be able to access Home(Kit) remotely. This can either be an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad.

Whichever one you are using, maybe you have changed your iCloud account to the one on your iPhone since your new setup, or it might be unplugged? :wink:

Which Home Hub does show up when you go to your Home setting on the iPhone?

And since this isn’t really an openHAB related issues, but purely an iOS Home one, please get the required further info here, before some of the moderators get cranky :wink:

Hello Hans,
Thanks for your reply.
You put me in the right direction here. I logged out of iCloud on my AppleTV (which is my hub). Then I signed back in. Next thing I did was disable Home on the AppleTV and then enabled it again, triggering the setup of the hub again. That did the trick.

So before we get cranky moderators, I’m closing the topic :wink: (although I think it’s still valuable as others might run into the same issue, which is in the end related to OpenHAB).

I agree that others might have a similar issue, but then they should search support on Apple related forums, as your problem was not related to openHAB at all. Just by chance your Home items came through HomeKit from openHAB, but could have also been genuine HomeKit comaptible sensors and actuators linked with Home.

If the remote access does not work it is an Apple, Home, iOS issue, but totally unrelated to openHAB and the HomeKit Add-on :wink:

Maybe someone wants to move this thread to Off-Topic? It will (will it?) still be searchable there.