openHAB JavaDoc down

Dear community,
currently the JacaDoc’s of openHAB are down via ==> Status Code 404

Or is my link outdated?

Replace next with www. That site was retired when 3.0 was released

Thanks, but is also down.

The URL may be different but the content should be there, I believe.

okay thank you!
I tried several variations of the link, but nothing worked. I always got 404 back.
Maybe some server maintenance is currently ongoing. I will test later today again.

Anybody else experiencing this error?

I believe you should open a GitHub issue against the website repo.

Thanks, apparently the build is failing (although it isn’t reported properly…):
openHAB-JavaDoc #247 Console [Jenkins]

@wborn this seems to be related to the UoM library upgrade, could you maybe have a look?


Is there a possibility to see the documentation of the “last stable” build before the “last failed” build?

I think that could be downloaded from here.

Here is an archived copy from January 2021.

Yes it indeed seems like one of the new UoM dependencies causes some issues.

But it looks like that I also found a way to resurrect the JavaDocs:


Thank you! That helped me :slight_smile:

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