Openhab KNX switching only on and not on/off

I create Things/Items and the Dimming is ok, but Switching doesn`t work correct. The switches only on or off but not on and off.

Well, obviously, you made a mistake :slight_smile:

Maybe consider to share your configuration (please go to the knx thing, switch to code view and code the code. Please make sure to post the code inside code tags

your code goes here

you can create these code tags with the </> button

Thank you for the answer. I found the problem, I need a feedback (status) from the KNX bus. In Version Openhab 3 it was no Problem, but in Version 4 the switch only send on when the Status ist off and off, when the status ist on.

No, in fact, a Dimmer Item has neither state ON nor OFF :slight_smile: but only NULL or a numerical value 0 to 100.

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