Openhab.log: Configuration model 'xiaomi.things' has errors

Hi, whenever I stop/start openhab I am getting this warning:

2017-10-27 16:16:15.218 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model ‘xiaomi.things’ has errors, therefore ignoring it: [2,92]: mismatched input ‘’ expecting ‘}’

What does it mean and how can I fix it?

Thanks a lot!

openHAB 2.2.0 Build #1065

I think it means you have an error in your syntax in the xiaomi.things file(line 92). Probably a ‘}’ to many.

Thanks a lot Lars for you response. I totally forgot that I have put a xiaomi.things file for testing when I had troubles to connect the gateway. I am now doing everything in paperUI, so I deleted it and no warning anymore.