Openhab log


Could someone check my log please. I set the log level to INFO but i stil see of lot of logging.
I’ve an Orange Pi Plus 2E that’s crashing mostly within two days.
Maybe that’s because of this.

From your log file, it seems that you set the log-level to DEBUG, which generates a HUGE amount of entries. This is way too much to look at in detail (for me at least), but the only error or warn messages that I can see that OH had trouble connecting to RFXcom and Unifi controller.
For info on log-level see here:

Maybe your linux logs give you more clues, just in case it is not related to OH.
Hope that helps

That’s what I saw in the logfile but this is my config-file:

Your rootLogger.level is set to DEBUG. Set it to INFO.

I did. Thanks

@lipp_markus I checked the Linux logs but nothing unusual.

How long have you had the logging level set to DEBUG? With the amount of logging going on, you could have a damaged SD card.

@5iver I’m running form emmc memory. And I hope that it’s not damaged. For now it works.

For me, working would not include crashing every two days! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@5iver you’re right. But I meant the emmc-memory

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