Openhab LOGO PLC binding

Hallo Leute,

Folgendes Scenario…
Ich möchte von meiner Siemens LOGO 8 den Status der Eingänge (I) bzw. den Status der Ausgänge (Q) auslesen und aufgrund der zustände (1,0) dann eine E-Mail an mich versenden…

Hat jemand von euch schon Erfahrung damit???
Hab ein frisch aufgesetztes OH3 auf dem Raspi…

wäre super wenn mir jemand Tipps geben könnte wie ich das am besten realisiere…


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OK thanks Hans Joerg

If you have successfully configured the PLC binding and see you in- and outputs of the LOGO 8,
simply create some rules which are triggered by state changes if your items.
According to the new state, those rules can use actions from the mail binding to send you a message.

As @hmerk has mentioned,

  1. Did you already add the binding and configure your things and items?
  2. Do you see the input(s) / items go from 0 to 1?
  3. If 2 is the case, the easiest would be to create a blockly rule that is triggered on that item and sends a notification (which is not an email but a push message vie openHAB cloud and openHAB app).
  4. If you still want to send an email, you need to add the mail binding.

Does that help?

Hello Stefan,

Thanks for the Tips.
Now it works.

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