OpenHab & Lumene screen (


I’ve recently bought a Lumene screen Majestic

I took the one with the option “RS232 for Home Automation”…
it was the beginning of the end… I bought a google home max, philips hue, and now I’m starting with openhab :joy:

I’ve made a few search, and I’ve not found any binding for this screen or this brand.

I’ve contacted the support of lumene and ask about “how to do home automation with their screen, a 200€ option”, and the answer was very limited…

Any idea if those screen have a common protocol used by all brand ? (one can dream :joy:)

Thanks for any pointer.


Nice dream!!!
We wouldn’t need all these bindings…

What serial protocol does this panel obey to?

Well, I’ve no idea except that they say RS232.
As said, they didn’t provide much information with the screen.
I’ve mailed the company to get the protocol description.

From a physical point of view here is the connections available :

That’s as much as you can do now.
Once you know, you maybe able to control it with the serial binding directly or use an arduino as an interface (OpenHAB - MQTT - Serial) for example

I was hoping ethernet :upside_down_face:
The RS232 port seems to be an ethernet port.
I’ll check again once I’m at home.

The RS232 port is an RJ45 socket. That’s all. Plug in an ethernet cable in there and in your router at the other end, nothing will happen.

You need one of these:

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they just don’t answer my email…
Lumene-screens are incredibly stupid to prevent the “free” dev of this kind of binding.

I deeply regret to buy their product.

They bill you 250€ for the “home automation” : you get no documentation, no example, no out of the box integration with the google home & etc…

After having found the 2 owners of the company ( and mailed them I got an answer.


Going Up : FF EE EE EE DD
Going Down : FF EE EE EE EE

Bit/sec : 2400
Data bit : 8
Data Parity : none
stop bit : 1
Flow control : none

Any advise how to start ?
Best tutorial to follow ?
RasperPi vs Adruino ?


You need then to clarify a couple of things.

Voltage on the serial bus? 3.3v, 5v, 12v???
Which pin is which. TX and RX?

I would use an arduino for testing. If you blow the serial port, then it’s only an arduino. Not a pi or your computer.
Maybe then port the arduino code to an ESP board and send the commands over MQTT.

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Sorry I made a typo. The serial pins should be TX and RX, which are they?

Thanks Vincent !

TS & RS stands from Transmit & Receive ?

haha, RX TX, I know them :wink:

I got a reply :

Vous n’avez pas besoin de ces informations, notre matériel respecte la norme RS232.

Suivez les instructions et cela fonctionnera.

Pour votre information la norme indique qu’un 1 est reconnu si la tension est inférieure à −3 V, et un 0 est reconnu si la tension est supérieure à +3 V.

Et le TS/RS (TX/RX en fait), est normé par rapport aux pin du DB9.

Which gives in English :

You don’t need this informartion, our hardware respect the RS232 standard.

follow “the instruction” and it will work.

FYI, 1 is recognized if the voltage is lower than -3v and 0 above +3v.
TX/RX is a DB9 standard

Well well…

Good that’s all you need