Openhab metrics 3.1

i tried to integrate openhab metrics. so first - it works.
for me it was difficult to find out that i have to go to “misc” to install metrics. maybe its better to add in documentation.

But in documentation i found beautiful dashboard screenshots and a link to the json:

This ends up with 404.

I dont know if someone can help with a correct link.

Best thanks and greets.


Click on the edit button at the bottom of the page.
You will be redireted to the related github page.
On that page you can raise an issue.

Being on that page you see the original page of the document.
There is the same link and from there it works.
Here is the link as it is on github:

hi wolfgang,

thanks for the link. i was able to import successfully with your help and after i installed grafana plugin
natel-discrete-panel. Dashboard works also fine now.

metrics i really great for me to alert directly from my prometheus instance.

Best regards


I created a defect for this.

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I had already done that in [metrics] broken reference to dashboard.json in README · Issue #10916 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub so I suggest you close your duplicate.

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After reading documentation and post, I’m asking myself if Openhab Metrics is compatible with influxDB v2 (as the persistence bundle) ?
I don’t see how to specify the token and bucket parameters.
Thank in advance for any reply.

Go try and let us know, please.

As you can see in OH influxdb persistence, to avoid modification to existing configuration parameters, the existing ones as been reused with different semantics. But the token one as been added for influxDB v2.
So is there any chance that one day, the openhab metrics can work with influxdb v2 ?
For the moment, I don’t knwo how to set the token (even if i use the database parameter to specify the organization, I need to specify the bucket and the token).
I just tried the following confoiguration:
DatabaseName =
UserName =
Password =
Of course it does not work (nothing is going inside the influxdb bucket)
So ??..

Just want to add that everything is working fine vetween influxdb persistence and influxdb v2.
So my configuration is OK.

you are aware that influxdb v2 is beta, are you ?
I doubt anyone has plans for that let alone at this stage.

beta ? InfluxDB OSS v2.0 is not beta since 2020-11-09.

(InfluxDB v2.0 release notes | InfluxDB OSS 2.0 Documentation)

If you go to influxdata website, the current release of influx OSS is 2.0.7.

““Release Announcement: InfluxDB OSS & Enterprise 1.8.9 | InfluxData””

I was mistaken then. But the debian packages are still 1.8.X (.9) so probably very few if any use v2.

I use it with openhab3.1.0 and influxdb2.0.7 docker containers. Not so difficult to configure like this.
And, in the near future, I would clearly not be the only one using influxdb2…
If I can help…

Not sure what your point is, then. If you want to be of help, test the native (non Docker) packages for Pi OS and Debian when they get released.